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about the book

do you have a mampping curriculum with this book

i have experience that the book structure usually is not smiliar with
education structure

Frans Thamura

I've only used the book once and went through the chapters in order.  I would probably re-arrange it the next time.  The course was titled "GRCP 233: 3D Modelling and Animation".  

We spent a lot more time modeling (as expected) than animating.  Although one of the students did a lot of work with ManCancy for his final project.  Another submitted an animation to a contest and won.

There is a caveat that starts every chapter ... that is that no one is expected to know it all from reading the book.  The chapters are meant to be introductory rather than extensive.

As such, I took that tack in class.  We tried to get through the ALL the chapters quickly. Each student then chose to concentrate on one or two subjects for the Final Project.  We then tried peer-to-peer techniques.  Those who knew more about certain topics taught others who needed collaboration.

So those who spent more time learning about materials, helped others who may have chosen to work on lighting.


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