[Bf-education] Accreditation or certification.

Dolf Veenvliet dolf at macouno.com
Sun Aug 9 19:23:21 CEST 2009

Well, user certification has so far not been something that the Blender
Foundation has wanted to be involved in. And rightly so... That's what the
educators are for. The Foundation certifies educators... the educators
certify users.
If this is something you're serious about... why not first get certified as
an educator yourself? If more people who are certified are interested I
think we could possibly set up some guidelines that we all agree on for
certification of users. Then we could all agree on a standard certificate,
and agree that certified educators can pass them out.

Personally though... I've not yet seen the need to certify any of my

Also... David, you are always free to create and maintain a blenducation
certificate completely independantly. It has worked for other online courses
that way already. Then also... if other educators that don't teach on your
website yet want to certify... maybe they'll ally themselves to you and
agree to hand out your certificate also to offline students.

I think that's a very valid way to pick this up. Just do it yourself, talk
to your educators (you have plenty on your website).... get going... and if
it takes off, more people will want to join in, and maybe the certificate
can be applied to other cases as well.

Just some thoughts,

On Sun, Aug 9, 2009 at 4:39 PM, E.Gopala krishnan <gkagri at gmail.com> wrote:

> *Greetings to all.It is a welcoming process.I already mailed about this to
> the Foundation.How can we proceed further?
> Regds G.K.Agri.
> *
> On Sun, Aug 9, 2009 at 6:27 PM, David Hickson <davidhickson at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> As some of you may know, www.Blenducation.org has been working diligently
>> on setting up Blenders first live on-line, live training recourse for all
>> levels of Blender users.
>> We are updating the entire site right now to make the method of adding
>> classes and attending classes much easier.
>> We would like to offer accreditation or certification and are looking for
>> advice or a school that we can align with to provide such a program.
>> I understand the the BFCT certification can only be offered from the
>> Blender foundation and is the ultimate goal of a hand-full of students. But
>> there is a large number of users that would like a lower level of
>> certification such as a user level certification.
>> Blenducation would like to offer these levels of certification.
>> Any advice is welcomed.
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