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Tom Carson techteacher at shaw.ca
Fri Oct 10 03:48:05 CEST 2008

I am an Info -Tech and shop teacher from Langley BC.  I have developed two education related sites that I am sharing with other teachers and students:
http://www.mycoolschool.ca  contains tutorials on a variety of software used in schools.   I have found many great Blender tutorials out there, and I appreciate every one of them.  With my website, I have tried to put things in a perspective that my own students  (of varying ability and interest levels) can follow.  It is a work in progress, and I try to improve each step as I get feedback from my students. I have two tutorials on Blender, and am hoping to create more. The first one is 'making a globe'.  It's a fairly simple exercise in applying a texture.  The second tutorial is creating an animate 'revolving earth' out of the first project. I invite any classroom tachers out there to visit the site, and see if there is anything of use to you and your students.

The second site, http://www.shopteacher.org  has a collection of woodwork plans and other projects of interest to Technology teachers and hobbyists.

Tom Carson
techteacher at shaw.ca
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