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No Problem

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Whoops, sorry, that was not meant for you, Bill!  :)
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Yes, I got that from your first email. I thought you were going to grab them from YouTube and host them internally.I was also curious about your curriculum! 

On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 10:36 AM, qwq at juno.com <qwq at juno.com> wrote:
Schools routinely cut access to YouTube because of the inappropriate content available on that site.As an alternative, TeacherTube  http://www.teachertube.com/ provides access to web based video, and is not generally blocked by school districts, since it is designed for teaching at schools.I encourage everyone who produces Blender video tutorials to also post them on Teacher Tube.  When you sign up (free registration), you have to certify that you are an educator, I think everyone who produces Blender tutorials qualifies.Bill Quillinan____________________________________________________________Click to find information on your credit score and your credit report.http://thirdpartyoffers.juno.com/TGL2141/fc/Ioyw6i3m2Pc4yAFcCzpch8F5DUjOyqoZiKomn9MhlPP5QBwRz9bU7w/

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