[Bf-education] The state of Blender education

Hans Ramduth hanslr7 at hotmail.com
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Just 2-3 quick lines. I am not a certified blender trainer (am too busy to try for that now) but am teaching Blender as the main 3D software in the only tertiary level art school (undergraduate degree level) in Mauritius. 
It is a new Digital Arts Degree, 4 year course, and it is possible for us to run such a course because blender is free, otherwise it would have been unthinkable to invest the amount of money to buy proprietary softwares.  
Blender is definitely leveling the playing field for us and allowing us to dream of local CG production.  We cannot thank the community enough for making this possible. Hope this is useful info for you. 

Hans Ramduth

> Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2008 10:59:39 +0900
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> Subject: [Bf-education] The state of Blender education
> Hi everybody,
> I'm planning to give a talk about the state of Blender education at
> the Siggraph Asia "Birds of a Feather-like" Blender meeting.  I'd like
> to know about any courses people have given, in particular I'm
> interested to know about courses given in colleges or trade schools,
> but independent courses are also of interest.
> I'm also interested in finding out what Blender Certified Trainers are
> doing with their certifications. If you're a certified trainer, I'd be
> very interested to get a report on what you're doing in terms of
> Blender education and promotion, etc. If anybody has any knowledge of
> professional opportunities for certified trainers, that's also very
> much of interest to me. You can answer me here in the mailing list or
> email me directly.
> Thanks!
> Tony
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