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Several excellent high-school level texts are available for free. See http://www.cdschools.org/54223045235521/blank/browse.asp?A=383&BMDRN=2000&BCOB=0&C=55205 for the Dauphin High School text.

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hi all

i am try-ing to develop a skillset of 3d designer, and want your feedback

my program is to teach the material to the high schooll, anyone have
this experience

there is 2 kinds of high schools in indonesia

1. they will got to univs, but only 700.000 from 20 millions
2. they will work after graduate. but they have 1 year industrial
internship, i want to put in this program

i believe the 3d designer that profesional need more time to be there,
and develop bunny like need more time to be as expert as that

the program start in 3 approach

1. from animation program, we create story board, develop idea, do
hand design scetch, and go 3d
2. from game dev program, we have game education program
3. from user program -> render house, sanitary,

anyone wanna to share the steps that you develop

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