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No offense, but this sounds like a nigerian scam, but with a better story. Even if true, this has nothing to do with Blender, and third, there are too many needy people in the world to support this kind of donation scheme. You would be better served to send your requests to foundations that have money for this sort of need. 

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From: Frans Thamura <frans at meruvian.org>
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hi all

hi all

My foundation, Meruvian Foundation have 50 people that learn Java in
my facilities, of course for free, and we develop a one stop
technopreneur program to tech them become Java technopreneur.

and i find that there is a lot of smart people, but poor, they cannot
buy notebook and their schools only provide in several city 2 hours to
access computer.

i got several letter from their school to accept them to learn Java in
our internship program, about several people that smart, may be
smarter than 50 people that come to my facilities

we have 5 facilities, and right now they lease the notebook, and
several people in my office in Jakarta, must eat 1x a day, because
they believe that learn Java can help their carreer

they only have option if not pass my program, work in factory as
assembler of production, work as servant, work in IT shop to serve
customer buy PC or do assembly.

there are a very high profile school here, because work with Intel, to
assembly the Atom netbook..and they call it the best school in this
country :)

i believe that Java can do more.. because we create something that
easy to distribute and can go global market.. hopefully ;)

my program is adopt JEDI /JENI and several case study like develop
apps, and they must sell to earn money and we can use the money to pay

i just setup the paypal.com account, and i am sharing this idea to all of you.

what do you think of this program?

for your information

the internship program is 1 year, and their cost to stay is US$
70/month, that is exclude electricity, and internet, and rent the
house (US$ 4000/year..expensive right!!!)

we have 20 millions high school students, my estimation 55% cannot work

i got experience like www.jobmerv.com is develop by two graduate
highschool from subang city, take a look of their work at

i am thinking also to help them get undergraduate schoolarship, but
they must pay after graduate to teach Java again here :)

if you have time, come to my facility/offices and interview them :)

i think there are more more people like them in another country, esp
after US crisis

any idea?

the paypal link located in front of http://www.meruvian.org

NB: but if you wanna to donate your Blender curicullum to us that will
be amazing also :) so they can learn not only Java but blender, we use
blender to develop 3D and export to Java 3D , develop a game here...
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