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David Hickson davidhickson at gmail.com
Mon May 5 19:59:45 CEST 2008

Hello all,

I have been working on a project for about a year now and have had some
great feed back from everyone in IRC.
I now feel it is time to show everyone where I am and ask for help. The help
I need is feed back. I just want to know what everyone thinks.

**Live, on-line classes for new users
*Any OS will be able to run a class (still working on it. I have to config
my router and set up some kind of protection for my network)
*Hosted by DIMDIM and me.
*My site(s) www.cgshowdown.com (www.blenducation.org) will have a calendar
of time slots for instruction or developers (still working on it)
*Most Classes will be free (as long as adsense is running well)
*Advanced classes will charge a small fee per student (less than $10 us)
*More than two instructors can modify and working on a Blend file
*up to 40 ppl in a meeting with 4 microphones
*Meetings can be 5 hours long

**Easier more effective way to learn Blender
*More fun to learn as a group
*Easier way to exchange ideas and visuals
*Interactive learning
*Instant feed back on questions
*A bit slow but working well
*Users need good speed
*One person working this makes for slow development :)
*I will need more instructors (hint, hint)
I have included this video to explain where I am and where I would like to
be soon. http://cgshowdown.com/ProjectOverView/ProjectOverView.html

Thats all folks!

Any feed back in welcomed.

David Hickson
Aka: Dipingo
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