[Bf-education] Blender user certification

Igor Križanovskij krizanovskij at siol.net
Sat Jul 19 02:25:05 CEST 2008

Hi Alexander,

Thank you for your reply!

> Hi Igor,
> >From what I understood reading bf-education newsgroup, you have BF
> Teacher Certificate. Correct?
I'll try to explain you really briefly the current situation here in 
Blender's Education 'trunk'. Yes, I am currently one of the 6 Blender 
Trainers who received Certificates, (you can read more about on 
blender.org/education-help). So all this certification program is still 
quite new, so it's possible that you will be the first Blender On-Line 
Certified User! :)
>  The question is what in particular do I have to do in order for me to
> be certified by you?
Well, I already show you a link on BlenderWiki which could serve as an 
example, but there are more of course, you can check BSOD:


And as I already said I can't give you the Certificate if you will write 
about the programming and/or about a pipeline Blender - GE, but I'm sure 
we can find some available & ready Blender GM's on that fields too!

But that's all only my humble idea, so I would really like to see 
opinions of others too...?

> How much is it going to cost me?
> Will record of my certification posted on BF website and will I
> receive nice paper certificate?
We didn't received Certificates in a paper form, but that's announced on 
blender.org instead, which is actually more practical and modern way in 
nowadays on-line digital world, but I also understand your need for a 
paper-form... of course I can send you a paper, but why to be happy with 
a paper if we can print our models with a fancy 3D printers and lasers, 
huh!? :)

> Quote: "So, on example, if is an user able to make a nice model
> topology, textures, armature logic system and/or to make a cool
> animation (or a game) with it, is for sure a good candidate for a
> certificate if you ask me, such an user is already useful for some
> working team." I have been developing my game using Blender and Dark
> Places engine. I am wondering if it will help. You can find
> screenshots and video of it on:
> http://www.kot-in-action.com/prophecy.html
Yes, cool game! Unfortunately are models on the youtube too small for 
any serious judge, but I like your 2D effort! :)

> Speaking of topology, if you mean edge loops for a face / body, there
> are not that many professionals who can demonstrate such skills and if
> they do have such skills, whey are already in the industry making big
> buck ;)
> Could you please clarify "nice topology" wording?
> I am looking forward to your reply and thank you for your time!
> Yours sincerely,
> Alexander Zubov.
Don't worry, I'll show you some topology tricks that I've learned in all 
those years, now I at least know why was my first models bad! :)



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