[Bf-education] Non-instructor certification

Igor Križanovskij krizanovskij at siol.net
Thu Jul 17 16:41:02 CEST 2008

Hi all,

Yes, I also think that will be more and more such questions, so why not 
to give them what they need!? Actually, I also went for BFCT because I 
was 'forced' by situation back then. Although I didn't like 'make video 
tutorial part', because I'm really not video tutorial fan... to watch 
one hour (or more) of video tutorials to learn something new about some 
tool which I didn't know because I already forgot about it, is just too 
boring for me.. (ok, ok, there are of course exceptions :). That's why I 
made back then so strange 'video tutorial' which is so unpopular amongst 
n00bs, who don't even know how to check the file... but I just wanted to 
make something that I will be able to watch more than once.. :)


I was also lucky that wasn't needed for BFCT programming and BGE, 
because this could easy cost me another year, two, ... to be probably 
mediocre 'hello world' programmer and BGE logic noodler.

So, I think that we should really make this option available. For a 
symbolic price, BUT in a way that benefit also Blender Community. 
Cheaper, but harder! So, on example, if is an user able to make a nice 
model topology, textures, armature logic system and/or to make a cool 
animation (or a game) with it, is for sure a good candidate for a 
certificate if you ask me, such an user is already useful for some 
working team. And if he is also able to make a good and useful tutorial 
about, he can get my certificate! ihope that doesn't sounds too cocky.. :)

So, Alexander if you are ready to go through such a new procedure (& if 
you will not write about BGE or programming - in such case I'm sure we 
can find someone else with needed knowledge for that special fields) and 
if other people from Blender agree with it (i trust in their flexibility 
:) I am ready to give you my user certificate which will be hopefully 
published on blender.org... This could use as a short example, after all 
it's also fun to see your own articles translated in a funky fonts:


What do you guys think about such a certificate proposal?


> Well, I've heard this question come up before. Perhaps it's time for a few
> educators to come together and chat about setting up something. Is anyone
> interested in picking that up? Perhaps even an on-line service?
> BTW, expect certification to cost something.
> Also personally I'm very much in favour of linking a certificate to a
> course, doing an online test can be tricky. If there'd be online
> certification I'd say people would have to submit a LOT of material, which
> means the people signing the certificate would have to do a lot of
> looking/browsing/reading... and for something like this I would not expect
> people to do that for free.
> I have to say though that so far the educators certification seems to go
> quite well.
> Of course any educator is free to certify people in whatever way he
> wants... but I think that if for instance the folks on the educators
> certification board want to spend some time working out some of those
> "guidelines for user certification", that that would be a good start.
> Dolf

>>> I am wondering if BF can certify Blender professionals in various
>>> areas such as rigging, modeling, effects, animation, etc.
>>> I am thinking of certificate that verifies user's proficiency in
>>> particular area.
>>> When it comes to getting a job in an industry where CG is being used
>>> and resume states that Blender has been a primary tool, employer would
>>> love to see a certificate.
>>> Is there anything like that available at this moment?
>>> Thank you.
>>> - Alexander "motorsep" Zubov

>>> Hi,
>>> Yep that's right!
>>> More-over, I don't think we ever should go into a artist-certification.
>>> Such certificates really should be given by renowned and respected
>>> educators or educations, and then on their behallf.
>>> -Ton-

> Hi,
> In my opinion, the priority now is to make sure that the instructor
> certification that the BF does offer continues to become more and more
> meaningful. Simply giving out more certificates willy-nilly would
> probably detract from the meaning of the certification. We have no
> standards to judge artists by but totally arbitrary ones now; a test
> or an actual consistent course would be needed to make the certificate
> meaningful, and that takes a lot of time and effort to develop.
>> The thing is that if I apply for a job as CG artist for an ad agency
>> or as 3D artist/Animator for game industry and I have Blender as my
>> primary tool in my resume, potential employer will not even look at me
>> as prospective employee regardless of what my skills are.
> I think this is a bit of an exaggeration, but if you feel strongly
> that some firm credentials are needed on your resume, why don't you
> consider applying for the certificate that already exists? If you are
> a certified Blender trainer surely that counts for something. You must
> put together a package of training materials that demonstrates that
> you have skills in Blender and can teach them to others. There's
> nothing that says artists and ordinary users of Blender can't apply to
> be certified trainers.
> T

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