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When we taught a week-long class in project management, we would give students a certificate of completion that had their name on it and the course title, but it did not count for anything; it was just us saying "thank you" and something they could hang in their cubes as an accomplishment that they sat through the class and stayed awake for most of it. But, it did not certify them as a project manager, like the PMI does. The PMI certification is many months long, and just taking the test is a full day. 

When I was certified in Production by APICS, it was months of self-study, team projects, classes, and exams in each segment. 

A "true" Blender User Certification would be huge. Blender is huge. Using Blender to be an effective member of an animation team (or a post-production team) is a very involved thing. I just spoke with spidercow, who spent 18 months taking classes in design, art, video editing, modeling, lighting, animation, acting, directing, and audio. To be a true certified Blender User, I would think they should be able to demonstrate proficiency in each area of the User Manual. I think Blender Trainers will tell you that a week with Blender just skims the surface; look at the TOSMI results. 

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I am planing to start an institute specially for blender in Indonesia. Since the popularity of blender is less here people hesitate to take a course in blender. They are just worried about how will they get certified. We are offering them a certificate. But that is not enough for  most of them. 

In this situation I would be really happy to give lot of support to start a new blender user certification program

-- Sanu

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