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Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Mon Jul 7 11:16:15 CEST 2008


We had a webplugin in the NaN days of Blender, it was part of our bizz  
model... too bad we failed, it's still a great concept! :)

Nevertheless, having an open source web plugin for Blender files is a  
gigantic security risk... this is not something we can (as online  
community) maintain, and it certainly not something we as Blender  
Foundation should endorse or promote.

First thing that's needed is a company (or a group of devoted  
developers) to define the design and targets for a feasible security  
level of Blender and Python. And they should have enough time to  
develop and maintain it. We should put very high demands on such  
company or developers... they should really know this security stuff  
well. :)

Until then, I'm very happy that the web plugin project is inactive.


On 4 Jul, 2008, at 16:53, John R. Nyquist wrote:

> Thanks Margreet!
> You know a topic that has been on my mind for some time is the idea of  
> a web client for the Blender game engine. Being able to deliver  
> interactive 3d via the web would expand what I could use Blender for  
> at work. Right now my options are to bring animation into Flash to  
> make something interactive (though I need to take another look at  
> Flash, Sandy, and Blender). The Blender Foundation has had two open  
> movies and an open game (almost done), I wonder if it is time to have  
> something focused on a interactive 3d on the web? Maybe after 2.5 is  
> released?
> Regards,
> John
> On Fri, Jul 4, 2008 at 1:30 AM, Margreet Riphagen  
> <margreet at blender.org> wrote:
>> Welcome John! 
>> Feel free to post any related topics to blender and education here  
>>  on this list. 
>> Cheers,
>> Margreet
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