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Welcome John!

Feel free to post any related topics to blender and education here  on  
this list.


On 4 jul 2008, at 06:12, John R. Nyquist wrote:

> I just joined the list,  I thought I'd resist the urge to lurk...  
> and introduce myself.
> I've been an instructor in the past, teaching Java, OOP, and shell  
> scripting for Sun Microsystems. I've been an independent consultant  
> doing training, co-authored two books on Director & Lingo (I wrote  
> the Lingo half), and I've been a technical editor on a 3 books  
> (Lingo, Director, and Java). I've also been a reviewer on a few more.
> Currently, I am Lead Media Designer for Sun Microsystems in their  
> learning organization. I also freelance under "Nyquist Art + Logic".  
> As part of my freelancing, I've created 3 Blender videos for  
> CartoonSmart.com. And as a way to contribute back to the community  
> I've been doing a series on YouTube called "Bits of Blender". I'm a  
> supporter of the Blender Foundation and the Apricot Open Project.
> I've been involved in 3d since I first bought Swivel 3d in 1989 for  
> my powerful new Mac IIci (racing along at 25MHz). I used quite a few  
> programs in the early/mid 90s, mostly Strata, for which I was also a  
> demo artist at Siggraph '93 and MacWorld '94.
> And I love Blender!  =D
> -- 
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> John R. Nyquist
> Nyquist Art + Logic
> http://nyquist.net/
> http://bitsofblender.com/
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