[Bf-education] Introduction

John R. Nyquist john at nyquist.net
Fri Jul 4 06:12:09 CEST 2008

I just joined the list,  I thought I'd resist the urge to lurk... and
introduce myself.

I've been an instructor in the past, teaching Java, OOP, and shell scripting
for Sun Microsystems. I've been an independent consultant doing training,
co-authored two books on Director & Lingo (I wrote the Lingo half), and I've
been a technical editor on a 3 books (Lingo, Director, and Java). I've also
been a reviewer on a few more.

Currently, I am Lead Media Designer for Sun Microsystems in their learning
organization. I also freelance under "Nyquist Art + Logic". As part of my
freelancing, I've created 3 Blender videos for CartoonSmart.com. And as a
way to contribute back to the community I've been doing a series on YouTube
called "Bits of Blender". I'm a supporter of the Blender Foundation and the
Apricot Open Project.

I've been involved in 3d since I first bought Swivel 3d in 1989 for my
powerful new Mac IIci (racing along at 25MHz). I used quite a few programs
in the early/mid 90s, mostly Strata, for which I was also a demo artist at
Siggraph '93 and MacWorld '94.

And I love Blender!  =D

John R. Nyquist
Nyquist Art + Logic
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