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willem at 3danimationnetwork.com willem at 3danimationnetwork.com
Mon Jan 7 10:42:47 CET 2008

Hi Alex

There will be more than one area that you need to prove sufficient in.

The detailed list will be released soon on blender education.


On Fri, January 4, 2008 2:25 pm, Alexander Zubov wrote:
>> Hi Alexander
>> It will depends on what level the studets is. Like you won't describe
>> how to grab, scale and so on which is basics to a advanced student.
>> But I always put as much detail in my tutorials. The worse is to assume
>>  someone know stuff.
>> If you unsure it will help to put in a lot of detail then the board can
>>  see to what extend you know blender.
>> Regards
>> Willem
> Thank you for the reply.
> Does tutorial have to cover all areas of Blender (modeling, rigging,
> animation, physics, etc.) or can I create detailed tutorial for particular
>  area only? I use Blender to create art assets for my video game (I use
> Dark Places
> engine instead of BGE though) I have been working on and I create
> everything (except of 2d art) in Blender - static models, animated models,
> level geometry, etc. So I would say that is my area of expertise :)
> Yours sincerely,
> Alexander Zubov.
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