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Alexander Zubov motorsep at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 20:25:17 CET 2008

> Hi Alexander
> It will depends on what level the studets is. Like you won't describe how
> to grab, scale and so on which is basics to a advanced student.
> But I always put as much detail in my tutorials. The worse is to assume
> someone know stuff.
> If you unsure it will help to put in a lot of detail then the board can
> see to what extend you know blender.
> Regards
> Willem

Thank you for the reply.
Does tutorial have to cover all areas of Blender (modeling, rigging,
animation, physics, etc.) or can I create detailed tutorial for particular
area only?
I use Blender to create art assets for my video game (I use Dark Places
engine instead of BGE though) I have been working on and I create everything
(except of 2d art) in Blender - static models, animated models, level
geometry, etc. So I would say that is my area of expertise :)

Yours sincerely,
Alexander Zubov.
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