[Bf-education] BFCT submission

Igor Križanovskij krizanovskij at siol.net
Fri Feb 29 09:57:19 CET 2008

Hi all!

This is my 3rd attempt for a BFCT (just to remind future generations 
that wasn't easy to get it at all). Last time I failed because I didn't 
introduce myself (well, I agree, that's a fatal mistake, but I was 
overconfident that everybody in the Blender community already know me!:) 
and I didn't submit any video tutorial. OK, I'll try to fix all missing 
links this time...

You know, I prefer if someone else introduce me, so I will quote David 
Millet (aka spiderworm) who once wrote about me:

    "Igor Križanovskij is another long-term Blender user and an 
all-around genuis. He helped me in many different ways when I was 
writing Noob 2 Pro, and created his own MemoBook filled with tricks and 
tips for Blender users. He also was very helpful and supportive during 
the Blender docbook to mediawiki conversion process. He goes by many 
names, including Popski, oxigen, and occasionally, Igor."

Well said David, thanks buddy! :) Do you remember when I told you that 
would be cool to have Blender Certificate program? You see, now I humble 
stand in front of this merciless Blender Certification Review Board and 
the whole Blender World with this shaky e-mail and a few links. Ain't 
easy my friend, ain't easy...

I would like to add to David's words that I've been working as a 3D 
animator in the early 90's here in Ljubljana, Slovenia and I've made 
about 30 animated TV commercials back then. Well, that was more flying 
logos than animations that we know today, but anyway... Since then I 
work as a designer and art director.

I used for my work different graphics and multimedia tools (Cubicomp 
PictureMaker, Crystal TOPAS, Macromedia and Adobe software). I also made 
some audio compositions, but that part should better fit to Ardour 
mailing list on example, I guess...

Back to Certificate topic.
Since last submission I've made some updates on:

* http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Blender_3D:_ActionBook
* http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D:_MemoBook

and I also made additional video tutorial about 3 point lighting, you 
can find temporary link to video here:

* http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Blender_3D:_ActionBook/Materials

    I hope you will forgive me for my broken English in this video, but 
my native language is Slovenian, so...

OK, let's go now point by point from 

I. 1.,2.,
Yes, I know the history and purpose of BO and Institute, I follow 
Blender more intensely since 2002 (btw, my first downloaded Blender was 
version 1.8).

I. 3.,
I think that I cover enough Blender knowledge in provided links.

II. 1., 2.,
Well, that's hard to prove, but I made beginner/intermediate tutorial in 
the latest BlenderArt Magazine, issue 14, hope that's it:
* http://www.blenderart.org/issues/

You mean like this? :)

III. 1.,
Yes, I'm more than double that old. :)

III. 2.,
Thanks to the last bullet of this topic I can prove it with an upper 
links, but I don't have any other institutional teaching experiences 
whatsoever... yet.

Thank you.

    Igor Križanovskij

P.S., Today is 29. Feb 2008, if will be my submission rejected again, 
I'll prepare new one for the next 29. Feb. :)

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