[Bf-education] Beginners question 2nd

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Kauer loi-kg at arcor.de
Thu Aug 14 19:47:20 CEST 2008

Dear John,

wow, John Nyquist himself  - what an honour!

I love watching your blender tutorial (I have bought all 4 releases at 
Cartoon....). Thanks, now I really get into Blender. After your tutorial 
I am able to draw scientific objects like microscope  lens etc. for 
educational purposes.

Thank you for point 1. It works fine ( immediately written down in my 

Well the second: Hmmm. I am modelling optics ( microscope objectives) 
with blender for scientific purposes. I really start each lens from 
scratch with one vertice. That is the easiest way to get exact models 
from blueprints. Several of those lens-objects reside in my scene. I can 
not leave with Ctrl-X unfortunately. The best tool would be a 
hotkey-combination + RMB or something like that to get just one vertice.

Best whishes
and again: thanks for those cartoon  tutorials.


John R. Nyquist schrieb:
> 1. Shift-C
> 2. How about saving the object with one vertex as the default scene
> On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 9:12 AM, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Kauer 
> <loi-kg at arcor.de <mailto:loi-kg at arcor.de>> wrote:
>     Hi there!
>     Does anybody know an answer to my following questions?
>     1. Is there a "hot key" for placing the 3D cursor to coordinates x=0
>     y=0 z=0 ?
>     (Currently I use the view settings dialog for this. But this is a
>     little
>     bit time consuming...)
>     2. Is there a quick way of producing just one vertex?
>     I do my modelling starting with one vertex and then "e" for extend...
>     Currently I use a plane and scale x/y to 0, then w and remove
>     doubles...
>     Best regards,
>     and happy blendering!
>     Gerhard
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