[Bf-education] Training

r rmolla at dsic.upv.es
Wed Oct 31 15:02:12 CET 2007

I am using Blender in a subject called Synthetic Image. It is taught in 
the last semester in the Technical School of Computer Science in the 
Technical University of Valencia. Spain. This subject is taught in 
spanish. I would be very glad to use the documentation of this future 
"official course" or even collaborate in the developping of the contents.


Ramón Mollá                                                           - http://www.upv.es/pls/oalu/est_per.info_persona?P_NIP=10670
Phone: +34 96 3877007 - ext. 73549
Office 125. First floor. South-East.
Computer Graphics Section                                   - http://www.sig.upv.es
Computer System and Computing Department  - http://www.dsic.upv.es
Technical University of Valencia                           - http://www.upv.es

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