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    I really believe we can do a community to create a course for Blender. Which could be a roadmap to a future Certification.
    But we need a model for this kind of training, where every work would be done according to this model.

    This training could be done in two ways, one developing video classes (with sound and animation) which could be better to explain the features of Blender, because its is a GUI system, and its better to explain showing how to do, than doing it by writing steps into a document. And another way writing an public document, with the theory, exercises, which could be used by teachers and students.
    The Indonesia Java community has started a similar program named (JEDI), creating documents to help teachers on teaching Java, and manuals with exercises for the students. Here in Brazil the Java User Group has created some video classes based on the JEDI documents (but trust me, it's much difficult to explain Java features in a VideoClass than explain Blender features). 


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  Hi Margreet and all

  I think if everyone that is doing or thinking of doing short coerces on blender work together. This way we're not trying to blow our own trumpet. 

  We can start something like the community program for the blender manual on the wiki. 

  Things to look at is.

  The amount of levels.

  Were basically starting with a 4 day short intro course. We use various Tutorials in certain sessions to practice things learned in theory. One also needs to determine what the purpose of each session is and also on the end of each level of the course.

  The purpose of the intro course is to basically filter the wannabe's from the gotobe's. 
  Trust me. I run a club now for 8 months using blender.
  You will find people that think learning Blender is like learning MS Word. Go on a course and know it all. 

  If we can have someone to oversee the hole course material and everyone work together we can do it.

  This brings it to certification. 

  BFCT program,

  This is long overdue now. I do understand that there is no one specifically doing that. That will certainly help.
  The above mentioned training material should then only be available to trainers to edit. There can be a version available to all on the wiki. However this is not advisable. Trainers will this way have a valuable input for the foundation.

  We're also in the process of developing a online course. It will be nice if the blender foundation can be part of this. 

  To me it is important to develop the blender program. Thanks to Ton and all the other developers. I think I speak for all if I say well done.

  However, it will be nice if there if enough funds available to the blender foundation to hire developers to boost the process. A well organized training program (online and short courses) can provide this funds.

  This will help to boost the support structure for the blender program.
  This means that animation studio's worldwide will start to trust the Blender foundation. You see there is this terrible stigma that open source software does not have support. 
  We have the power to change it all.

  Well enough said.

  Margreet If you wanna have a look at my business plan for a online course that can be accredited make an appointment to talk on skype.
  This is somewhat private since it is part of my business plan for my company.

  Best Regards

  Willem Verwey
  for 3D Animation Network
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    Hi everybody.

    Thanks for the introductions here. Great! Lots of good stuff going on here, but it will take some time for me to get acquinted with all of it... 
    Please give me a bit of time for a more detailed reaction?


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