[Bf-education] After all..

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Sat Oct 27 19:21:43 CEST 2007

Hi Guy's and Girls

Well on this stage of my business it will certanly help to ba a certified trainer. There is plans on the long run in my business plan for blender foundation funding. If Ton is willing to discuss the whole training program and including certification it is somewhat a mission. With the right website and support programs and staff this is possible on the long run. I believe we can make it work. With funding blender can be the best 3D software out there. That will piss Autodesk of real bad.

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Subject:	[Bf-education] After all..
Author:	philippe florent <philippe.florent123 at yahoo.fr>
Date:		27th October 2007 6:44:41 


this list is more active than i thought :-)

any news about Blender certifications ?


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