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Willem Verwey willem at 3danimationnetwork.com
Sat Oct 27 10:56:34 CEST 2007

Hi All

There is a orgenasation in South Africa called Animation SA. Every month they have a meeting at Cape Town University. 
We arranged a very succesful blender evening at this month's meeting. We duscusses the main blender futures. The 3d studio max and maya guy's had a lot of questions. We believe the were amazed. I would like to do something simelar in othe cities thruout SA.

To me it is impportant toto promote blender.

Well guy's 

Have a great weekend.


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Subject:	Re: [Bf-education] new on the list
Author:	Sven von Brand Laredo <svbrand at alumnos.inf.utfsm.cl>
Date:		26th October 2007 6:51:49 

Hi everyone,
    I am also new to the list, I am a University student from Chile, here
in South America, and I came across Blender some time ago, beeing
a Linux user and very fond of teaching others about open source, I've
made some activities promoting blender here in Chile and teaching the

My regards to all

Sven von Brand Laredo

superjes wrote:
> Hello everybody !
>    I am Jessica from France and I am new also in the list. I just 
> command my firt Blender book but I love the phylosophie of Blender and I 
> will be very happy to help you to promote its use when I will be more 
> familiar with.
> Please forgive me if my english is not always correct. I will make 
> effort, I promise.
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