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Hi Siddi

This is not a answer to your question but you might find my concern interesting.

Margreet would be the person to direct your mail to since all Blender Foundation Education issues falls under her.


How are we going to handle the Language isues. I would presume that since blender is English that that is the way we would go. But what about if say someone would like to conduct a course in say Italian

Can we have a discussion about this.

When do you think we're going to launch the certification program.

Chat later


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Subject:	[Bf-education] info for translations
Author:	"F:Siddi" <master.sidda at gmail.com>
Date:		24th November 2007 6:14:12 

Hello eveybody,

as I anticipated some weeks ago, I am going to ask some questions about

Seen the lack of coherent and updated documentation in Italian -about
Blender-, I would like to know wether it is possible to translate the book
"Essential Blender", or use it as content guide for the production of a
native-italian blender book. Should I contact direcly the autor or the
publisher of the book? How is it possible to obtain the "Blender Foundation
Approved" mark?

I hope that this is the right place to ask..



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