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From: Theodore Dounas <dounas at gmail.com>
Date: 12 Nov 2007 20:05
Subject: Re: TOSMI training manual FINISHED!!!!
To: Ton Roosendaal <ton at blender.org>

Hello again Ton,

This manual is part of what we decided to do for the Tosmi project, so
it works in that context.
It started its life as a series of notes/experiences from the project.
But now with more input from users/trainers of blender we can take it
one level up and
transform it to a manual for teaching blender. I am not saying that
the content and style are perfect but that they are a start . Critique
is always welcome , so I ll go ahead and cross post to the
bf-education mailing list.

> Hi Thedore,
> Thanks for the work on this manual.
> I didn't have much time on it yet, but here's quick comments:
> - You could think of presenting the information more compact, like in
> groups of bullet points. A lot of the text actually is bullet points,
> but put into readable text (making it a bit boring to read). Example:
> "Then you start with explaining each window. First select the 3d window
> and demonstrate what the major part of this window is. Show them the
> default objects appeared (the cube, light and camera) on this window
> when blender starts and how to select these object. As a trainer you
> need
> to clear the doubts what happened when you click the left mouse button
> and right mouse button. Also how the selection method is different from
> other 3D applications. Explain what is 3D cursor and how important that
> one in blender. Then you can go for how the window can be split into
> different windows and merging them back. Also explain them what is
> view and how to assign different views to the 3D window"
> Is equivalent to:
> *** Blender Windows
>      - start with 3d window
>      - show default objects, what they are, and how to select
>      - explain selection with right mouse
>      - 3d cursor
>      - split / merge windows
>      - view options (top, down, side)

It depends on who reads it. In my experience with trainers, some will
avert their eyes from a bullet point list in the belief that it is not
"professional" enough. Maybe we can reach a middle ground and provide
both, as in text for someone to read And a List in bullet point style
as a
check mechanism , so the trainer can have it with him/her and with a
quick look through the list
as the lesson class goes along.

> You can even complete this documented with links, so the
> teacher-in-training can also lookup in the manual (wiki) what again the
> reason was for rightmouse selection :)

ok, will do that.

> - The document also misses navigation and contents listing (would make
> reading and searching interesting)

Yep, because that is just the content with a very basic structure.
Layout and general formating is done by interspace (www.i-space.org)
in Bulgaria. I did not wait for them to finish the layout because I
thought jumpstarting on the improvements for the blender manual will
save time :)
When I have the layouts-page formating I ll also post them so the
bf-educators list can vote..:)

> - Maybe emphasize more on the fact that this was a 1 week course,
> including FLOSS topics. You can do this by hinting the days in the
> layout (day 1, 2, 3, ... in header).

Check , that is correct and will actually help other educators to plan
ahead. maybe we should add also the break down of how many hours for
modelling, how many for animation so that the trainer in...training
can plan his schedule accordingly.

> - The 3d model of the nude girl is a bit eh... problematic. Will give
> issues with our american friends! Also keep in mind that such docs are
> available for young people as well, like adolescents aged 12-18.
> (I assume the trainer guide will get .blend files accompanied?).

We will release all the files produced by us and the trainees
independently. I did not think about
having .blend files with the manual as I am assuming each trainer will
have his own files. Maybe we should not restrict it files done in the
TOSMI project but also ask from educators
to send in files that are good for teaching ? (not too complicated,
simple concepts, documented?)   I 'll go ahead and change the
screenshots of the nude model with one of the monk seals we used in
the training, unfortunately  I did not have any experience with a
conservative audience so did not think anyone would mind.

> Lastly: shouldn't we discuss this in open, with the mailing list?
> Thanks!
> -Ton-

ps: I also already made an announcement to the bf-education mailing
list, to blender artists
and blendernation, so I ll go ahead and cross post this to the list if
you dont mind!
Dounas Theodore
Architect Engineer

Dounas Theodore
Architect Engineer

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