[Bf-education] Tosmi Manual for trainers

Theodore Dounas dounas at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 14:31:27 CET 2007

Hello all, I am writting to inform you that the production draft of
the TOSMI trainers manual is finished and released into the wild here


it is relesed under a cc licence, for directions on how you can use it
check the post.

For more about the Tosmi project check these : www.tosmi.org

During the blender conference we discussed with Ton the possibility to
release an official blender foundation trainer's manual like a
training guide to be used by trainers to set up blender educatio
projects around the world). The Tosmi training manual will be used as
a first draft for the official blender foundation trainers
guide/manual. This is the version of the manual that is TOSMI
specific, that is it includes information only on the experience of
the modules taught at the TOSMI project (for example it does not have
any info on particles etc.)

So consider this post to the mailing list as a call  for all blender
teachers and educators to download the manual, use it, and give
feedback on effectiveness , faults, errors etc, But also as a call for
anyone that wishes to write  / improve/ better a section of the
blender foundation trainers manual/guide.

PS::With that out in the open , lets start working on the trainers'
list & certification?

Thanks everyone.

Dounas Theodore
Architect Engineer

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