[Bf-education] Action Book Updates

Chris Ward drpoo at drpooville.org
Wed May 23 22:29:21 CEST 2007

Excellent! I would love a Blender T-Shirt :-) Let me know if you have 
any other text's that need some general editing, I'd be glad to help out.


Igor Križanovskij wrote:
> Chris, thank you very much! Of course it help, now I'm not guilty any 
> more for my awkward sentences! :)
> I hope will Ton open his certificate shop soon, so that I'll be able 
> to pay for certificate and Blender T-shirt for my helper Chris!
> Cheers!
> .
> Igor
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Igor, just wanted to let you know that I've spot-edited all your 
>> Action book pages as I promised I would a month or so ago. I mostly 
>> made grammar fixes. There were a few awkward sentences that I 
>> reworded, and some other minor edits here and there. But for the most 
>> part, it looked good!
>> Hope it helps!
>>   -Chris



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