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Pierre Vogel pierre.geocentric at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 15:20:36 CET 2007

> Hello Macouno ,

I agree with Luigi Monaco,

> > I would like to suggest to create a dual solution for education. One
> > should aim to the 'how to get it done fast' and the second on
> > 'understand the theory behind it'. First should be video, brief text
> > - I'll explain that immediately - second printed, downloadable for
> > free and buyable as a book over the blender store.
> >
> > For my opinion every tutorial of the video section should be
> > organized like a flowchart on a website showing the result at the
> > top. The flowchart methods should link to video sections with each
> > not being bigger than 5 minutes. Each video snippet should have a
> > brief text containing the action and used key in a headline style.
> > Decision points should show what criteria should be fullfilled for
> > skipping to the next action.
> >
> > The book should explain things that are harder to understand, like
> > lighting, optimizing the renderer for special results and speed,
> > tweaking the node system, importing/ exporting files, principles of
> > fast modelling / texturing and maybe some explanation on the maths of
> > some python scripts and their field of appliance. Basically the why
> > is what done how in contrast to 'just' the how is it done anyway.
> >
> > I think this is a pass that would enhance the speed of creation and
> > quality of skilled instructors and could deliver a good sheet of
> > criteria for the later testing of instructors.
> >
> > Best regards
> >
> > Luigi Monaco

I think lengthy tutorials are not always the best solution, give students an
example. A goalpost and explain how to get there, using short video clips
building towards the final end product. This also helps students to revise
certain procedures without having to go through the whole process used to
create something they already know. Rather keep it short but aim at having
students able to use certain tutorials for different features where you can
refer to them.

I also think that just reaching the "Goal" is not always the only solution
either.  What about the pitfalls along the way. When teaching people I find
that new questions and strange new discoveries are made. Just by clicking an
extra button, or not clicking a button. Maybe give examples of what happens
when we don't click the required button, or what if we click on a different
button. that type of hands on approach always gives people a greater

Books is a great way of getting it all said and done, So a choice preferred
method is a book. However, short video tutorials have helped me learn
Blender tremendously. I am however suggesting that some of the technical
issues be discussed in tutorials. Sometimes it does get too technical.

One last thing, I am new to this site. How do I actually get to the freenode
irc site?

pierre.geocentric at gmail.com
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