[Bf-education] Blender Certification - Pushing Forward

Jason van Gumster jason at handturkeystudios.com
Wed Jun 6 01:44:41 CEST 2007

Hi Willem,

> Would it be ok when filling in the form for aplication to post the
> aplicants tutorial video on a ftp link on our site, or do we need to
> upload it. Must it be a video and is a video, what format and what
> will the size limit be..

I had a conversation with Rui about this and we're trying to figure out
the best way to handle this.  On the one hand, we'd like to keep as
much of the process open as possible, so it would be nice to host
submitted tutorials (written and video) on the wiki for all to see.
This gives exposure to the trainer and adds to the "education pool"
for all Blender users.  Of course, this is assuming that the storage
space and bandwidth exists for us to do that.  If we go that route,
standardizing on a format for video submissions would definitely be

Of course, on the other hand, I'm definitely aware of people that are
looking for certification who actually wish to make money by selling
their tutorials.  While the certification team should definitely require
a sample to verify the applicant's ability to teach, I'm not sure that
we should require that those submissions be made public.  If that's
the case, then we'd need something other than a wiki for submitted data
(FTP maybe? or an off-site link?).

Rui was leaning toward the former scenario (everything in the open),
while I lean slightly the other way.  Frankly, though, we could do it
either way (or some hybrid perhaps?).

So, here's a question to the whole list: do we require that submitted
materials be made public or should that be an option that the trainer
chooses once he or she is certified?

> In a way i believe that paying up front will be much more viable for
> the foundation seeing that you would like to hire somoene on a late
> stage.

I agree with this... and it seems to be consistent with the way many
other certification programs operate.  Yes, it may be disappointing for
some people who might pay money and not become certified, but hopefully
there won't be too many of those. :)

> So to me the flow will be like this.
> a: Apply by filling in the form. with links to turorial.
> b: Wair for confermation of reciept of material.
> c: Pay on e-shop.
> d: Blender post outcome and if positive send trainer sertificate.Ton:
> May I get my graphics disigner to design the certificate template for
> you. It will be a hounor to us.

Paying after submitting the form might be an option, but I still think
that going through the e-shop first and getting a confirmation email
directing the user to the submission form would be better and would
make it most clear that it's a required application fee.  I could be
wrong, though.

Regarding a designed certificate... I was pretty sure we'd opted not to
go that direction.  The 'certificate' is having your name listed as a
certified trainer on blender.org.  Besides, if we can avoid the cost of
printing, signing, and mailing certificates, I think that would be a
good thing.  Granted, it's nice to have that piece of paper in your
hand, but perhaps that's a topic we can re-visit in a year after we get
this off of the ground.

As always, any input you guys can provide would be helpful.


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