[Bf-education] Blender Certification - Pushing Forward

willem at 3danimationnetwork.com willem at 3danimationnetwork.com
Fri Jun 1 09:30:29 CEST 2007

Hi Jason.

Would it be ok when filling in the form for aplication to post the
aplicants tutorial video on a ftp link on our site, or do we need to
upload it. Must it be a video and is a video, what format and what will
the size limit be..
In a way i believe that paying up front will be much more viable for the
foundation seeing that you would like to hire somoene on a late stage.

So to me the flow will be like this.

a: Apply by filling in the form. with links to turorial.
b: Wair for confermation of reciept of material.
c: Pay on e-shop.
d: Blender post outcome and if positive send trainer sertificate.Ton: May
I get my graphics disigner to design the certificate template for you. It
will be a hounor to us.

Let me know what you think Guy's.


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