[Bf-education] Hello

Fidelis Josaphat Soekahar fjosaphat at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 18:21:59 CET 2007

Hello Chris and Rui,

Glad to know you guys. Been talking to Mr.Campos at the messenger before 
I join this board :) I've been writing some blender materials aswell, 
was planned to be a book, but kind of never finished with all these 
works. But now our founder agrees to go ahead with the opensource 
curriculum programme so I have some more times to focus myself on the 
opensource curriculum material.

I also synchronize our blender programme with our already running 
programme (a 4 months class programme using 3D Studio Max). Lots of the 
current running program materials are developed by ourself, not compiled 
from any tutorials or books and have been tested for about 3 years now, 
yet the results and the response are very good. Alot of our students get 
a job with their portfolio built based on the material right after they 
finished their class, and also have great understanding of 3D animation 
pipeline process. One chapter is very mature, an introduction to 3D 
animation world, I will translate em to english and post it here soon.



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