[Bf-education] Open call for Blender Trainers

Stoycho Stanchev sstanchev at i-space.org
Mon Feb 19 14:01:15 CET 2007

To whom it may concern,

My name is Stoycho Stanchev and I'm organizing training courses related
to Blender and other Free and Open Source Tools in Bulgaria called TOSMI
http://tosmi.i-space.org . Trainings are funded by EU commission MEDIA
http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/media/training/index_en.htm and
are unique in respect to the Free and Open Source Software from this
long list:

At the moment I'm writing a proposal for the 2008 sessions and looking
for trainers skilled in the following:

   - Presenting the Blender new features. Blender Dynamic simulations.
Creating real-time multimedia applications with Blender. Python
scripting in Blender

- Free and Open Source Rendering engines - Indigo, Pixie, Axis, Yafray
and their Blender integration. Renderman scripting.

The Trainers will draw a fee and their travel expenses and accommodation
will be covered by the project budget as well. 

If you're interested to participate as trainers, please contact me as
soon as possible (proposal deadline is 9 March 2007)!

Sincerely yours,

Stoycho Stanchev

TOSMI project coordinator

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