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You can really email the blender eshop, I know the person who is  
handling the shop and you always get speedy replies.
The 2.3 book now only is available - limited - via the blender shop.  
Soon it will be totally out of print, only the pdf version then is  

The new book will be available like around may...


On 4 Feb, 2007, at 16:53, ...::: fereshteh :::... wrote:

> Hi there,
> This semester I am working with one student in an independent study,
> though I have not used Blender before myself so we are exploring new
> territory together.
> The student has ordered the Blender book from Blender.org, but since
> we are in the USA it has not arrived yet. I wonder if the update is
> coming soon and  if there are still copies of the older version even
> available? I tried to order one for myself from O'Reilly, but they had
> none in stock.
> In the meantime, we've had to move on and I have asked him to follow
> the tutorials in the wiki. Do you think this is the best route for
> now? The Blender.org links seemed to lead in various directions and I
> could not tell which was the most up-to-date.
> Thanks and look forward to taking advantage of this program!
> I would also love to see that chapter in English when you have it  
> ready.
> Fereshteh
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