[Bf-education] Approximate date for testing

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Fri Dec 28 19:45:40 CET 2007

Early 2008.

There will also be more information about what the board expects.

Dolf Veenvliet

On 28 Dec 2007 at 10:59, Alexander Zubov wrote:

> hello,
> My name is Alexander Zubov and I newbie here :)
> I went over some archives for bf-educators and from what I understood the board (examiners) 
> has been put together. Is there an approximate date when testing will begin?
> Also I read some info on wiki and I have a question regarding tutorial complexity and subject. 
> How complex tutorial should be and must it cover all aspects of Blender?
> Thank you.
> - Alexander "motorsep" Zubov

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