[Bf-education] Re: Trainer Certification Entry

Fidelis Josaphat Soekahar fjosaphat at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 18:59:33 CEST 2007

Just want to add some thoughts about this certification thing. Aren't 
blender quite vast compared to all other 3D animation softwares? I mean 
like compositing, editing, scripting, but also game creations and physic 
simulation. I mean which one a certificated trainer should master? Or 
rather a very generalist type of blender user? As a 3D animation package 
itself, blender is rather a vast software, comparable to the "industry 
standard" softwares out there. Let alone when those features included in 
the certification program (like game creation, editing and compositing). 
I don't exactly know the real procedures, but I got a friend of mine 
whom a discreet certified instructor for 3DSMax. Back then when he took 
the certification program the procedure is quite simple. Just answer 
some test papers, if the score get higher than about 80% he/she pass. I 
don't know about 3DSMax certification under autodesk now.

But hopefully that's a point to consider in this certification system. 
Well, for me, I won't mind a certificate myself :)

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