[Bf-education] Realistic targets

Roy Simmons roytheartist at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 20 22:05:29 CEST 2007

Many of the points made are valid, lets remember a key point of Blender. Its 
Free. Therefore the community is extremely broad, from professionals making 
quite high end stuff, to young people who would like to make their own 
cartoon movies to post to youtube and myspace etc. I see myself catering for 
this second group, however this does not mean the training is inferior. I 
have worked hard on my tutorials to make them clear to people with no 
experience of 3D.

I will also be working with a group of young people soon, to make a short 
animation using their designs and 'real world' painted textures. In this 
case I will be their 'consultant' to facilitate their ideas. Should be great 

My point is how do you evaluate these things?

One way would be similar to what here in the UK is called an NVQ (National 
Vocational Qualification).
In this type of qualification you have to provide 'evidence' of you 
achievements. Maybe this would work?

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