[Bf-education] New website to learn Blender.

Roy Simmons roytheartist at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 20 21:08:08 CEST 2007


I tried to send a document attachment, but it was bouced as too long.

I will be brief!

Had success selling a tutorial DVD on Ebay for Blender, great feedback from 

Now the same course will be free, website under construction ;)

Wink tutorials are up, please review at your leisure but do not link to 
(yet) untill we have built www.learnblender3d.com

Also a lot of people have viewed my Ambient occlusion tut on google 

I see my site as teaching how to get results very quickly, I intend to 
always keep this 'core course' up to date with Blender versions. Links below 
for review...

Introduction to the Blender Interface

Link: http://www.brillsoft.com/tuts/aa.htm

Desc:   Setting up Blender workspace, saving a default layout.

Link: http://www.brillsoft.com/tuts/bb.htm
City 1

Desc:   Complete Blender project, Build and animate a fly through animation.

Link:  http://www.brillsoft.com/tuts/cc.htm
Desc:    Continue building a city Align objects, join objects.

Link:  http://www.brillsoft.com/tuts/dd.htm

City 3

Desc:    Camera tracking, Lighting.

Link:  http://www.brillsoft.com/tuts/ee.htm

City 4

Desc: Making final appearance of the city

Link:  http://www.brillsoft.com/tuts/ff.htm

City 5

Desc:  Fly through animation using keyframes

Link:  http://www.brillsoft.com/tuts/gg.htm

Project 2 Caterpillar; Simple Character Build and Animate. When this section 
is complete, you will have built, rigged and animated a 3d character

Desc: Organic Mirror Modelling

Link:  http://www.brillsoft.com/tuts/hh.htm
Desc: Build caterpillar head.

Link:  http://www.brillsoft.com/tuts/ii.htm
Desc:  Build Body Segment

Link:  http://www.brillsoft.com/tuts/jj.htm
Desc: Make an Eye

Link: http://www.brillsoft.com/tuts/kk.htm
Desc:  Skin Texture

Link:  http://www.brillsoft.com/tuts/ll.htm
Desc:  Build Kevin’s Body

Link:  http://www.brillsoft.com/tuts/mm.htm
Desc:  Make Armature (Rig)

Link:  http://www.brillsoft.com/tuts/nn.htm
Desc:  Parent Eyes to a Bone

Link:  http://www.brillsoft.com/tuts/oo.htm
Desc:  Weight Painting

Link:  http://www.brillsoft.com/tuts/pp.htm
Desc: Grouping Objects

Link:  http://www.brillsoft.com/tuts/qq.htm

Desc:  Shape Keys

Link:  http://www.brillsoft.com/tuts/qqa.htm
Desc: Animate Kev

Link:  http://www.brillsoft.com/tuts/rr.htm
Desc: Final Animation

Link:  http://www.brillsoft.com/tuts/ss.htm

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