[Bf-education] Trainer Certification Entry

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 19:21:45 CEST 2007

I'd like the certification to be split up a bit -

perhaps based on major functionality areas

1 modeling
2 uv mapping and texturing
3 rigging and animation
4 lighting and rendering
5 compositing and nonlinear editing

for the 1 we have lots of well qualified and reasonably qualified people
for 2 and 4 we have a fair number of well qualified and reasonably
qualified people
for 3 and 5 we have fairly small pools of well qualified people

for current certification I'd suggest it can be portfolio based and/or
demonstrated instruction capability

the portfolio need would be minimal just something that can be
reasonably certain is original to the individual and that demonstrates
they have some knowledge

perhaps a 'standard' and 'advanced' with the advanced requiring some
sort of demonstration to pass the knowledge on.


On 4/20/07, pim de groot (mifune) <blenderonline at gmail.com> wrote:
> ton,
> i can agree with giving out certificates to people who have proven
> themselves in the community. they have shown that they can teach (with
> tutorials, videotutorials and/or workshops) and that they know blender.
> pim de groot (mifune)

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