[Bf-education] Trainer Certification Entry

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Fri Apr 20 15:36:00 CEST 2007

Hi Igor & everyone here,

Yes, we need to get the certificate program going... but the bottleneck  
seems to be still that it takes so much time to organize it. The  
Blender Foundation should hire someone for it.
(And I also agree our wiki needs to be cleaned up and structured, it  
totally lacks nagivation structure).

Now, let's go back to the original certificate plan:

Igor: you definitely have proven to be a great tutorial writer. :)
So at least for this first step you are eligable for a certificate.

To get things speeding up, let us move forward like this; instead of  
requiring someone to both do a substantial wiki tutorial + video, it is  
also OK to do either one.

Meaning; Igor qualifies for a certificate!

Question: who on this list wants a certificate too, and qualifies in  
one way or another?
I can just decide to hand out certificates as first round, make the web  
page for it, and hope the certified trainers team will help organizing  
it further...


On 17 Apr, 2007, at 14:25, Igor Križanovskij wrote:

> Ok, now I read more about ~3 years progress in Blender Education  
> Topic. I also talk on IRC from time to time with some members on  
> #blendereducation (but lately I'm mostly alone there)...
> Here is my point of view about Blender Education topic:
> First, Blender is huge, really huge, so huge that most likely no one  
> (yes, even kaito! :) knows all about Blender tools, actuators, nablas,  
> connectors and ocean of other Blender stuff which is constantly  
> changing, of course. This mean that we don't have trainers who knows  
> all about Blender. So, for a proper Blender Education there must be  
> more than one trainer. Trainers group also need additional  
> coordinations and that's why it's better to be physically together.  
> Such Education can organize Blender Organization (Orange).
> Second, Blender World is atm. multilingual group of self-educated  
> users around the globe who knows 'something' about Blender. Some of  
> them will sooner or later get opportunity to 'go pro' with the  
> Blender. For some of those people is Blender Official Certificate  
> important because of easier talk with other Official Organizations,  
> especially if they get opportunity for a Blender courses (like I did,  
> here in Slovenija).
> Third, Blender Documentation is still as decentralized as Blender  
> Community itself. BlenderWiki is most likely most important  
> Documentation (heh, which is unfortunately mixed with Blender3D: on  
> WikiBooks, en:, de:, ... ).  I think that we can make with a 'simple'  
> on-line Certification program this situation better! Good example is  
> BSoD (hmm, but where can I find 'Stretch to Constraint' file  
> example?).
> Because I couldn't get any Official Blender Certificate (yes macuno, I  
> would like to even pay for it!), I've made a example material for  
> getting Blender Basic Certificate (or whatever it will be called),  
> with a title 'ActionBook', but because I can't find any other Blender  
> Official person except Ton Roosendaal for proofreading (sorry, I'm not  
> an English native speaker), quality check and review of text and files  
> is this project on stale now (which I expected anyway :).
> So, Ton please pick some people for this task or delete my current  
> Blender Certification 'bug' from my head! :)
>    Igor
> ps. Btw, where can I find current Blender Organization Contact List?  
> User: Korc was ready and able to make 'compatible' Blender skin for  
> BlenderWiki, but I didn't know who to ask for access to MediaWiki  
> system files (yes, I didn't want to bother kaito for this & others  
> didn't respond, hmm or perhaps didn't find my message?).
Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton at blender.org  

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