[Bf-education] Some chapters as promised

drpoo drpoo at drpooville.org
Fri Apr 20 14:55:16 CEST 2007

Fidelis, I'm confused about these chapters. When I try to download them 
it tells me that they are .EXE, which is an executable and not text. 
Plus I am not on Windows, but on GNU/Linux so I can not open them 
anyway, although I would not if I could because of virus risks in EXE's 
that I do not know. Is the .EXE an executable ZIP file? If so, could you 
please make it more accessible to non-windows users by simply using .ZIP 
format instead of .EXE?

Thanks, very much appreciated.


Could you please

Fidelis Josaphat Soekahar wrote:
> Here you go, as promised long long time ago. Sorry for the long delay. 
> Until Ton announced the gamekit download I feel bad for myself lol. 
> These are only few of the chapters, but these ones are the ones we 
> considered already very mature stage. Yes, very basic stuffs. But we do 
> think that this is very important stage for someone to get a good grasp 
> later. I designed the tasks to be more playful and result based. So the 
> students can get more satisfying "oh yeah I've build cool stuffs" or 
> "waddaya know, I can complete the task" feelings.
> http://gudangupload.com/filelink.php?filecode=6b81830a929c70ca8915c17737287b6b8946fc9bcbf3d8af91bc277eb33abcf7 
> Keep in mind that these chapters designed from the ground up for 
> teaching material, not step-by-step tutorial style but more as in class 
> assignment. I'm in the process of maturing the Max curriculum. After 
> done, I'll try to convert some of them to blender and translate em to 
> english. Would take a while tho.
> Hope that helps
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