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drpoo drpoo at drpooville.org
Wed Apr 18 23:45:56 CEST 2007

Igor, I would help out with proofreading. Just let me know.


Igor Križanovskij wrote:
> Ok, now I read more about ~3 years progress in Blender Education Topic. 
> I also talk on IRC from time to time with some members on 
> #blendereducation (but lately I'm mostly alone there)...
> Here is my point of view about Blender Education topic:
> First, Blender is huge, really huge, so huge that most likely no one 
> (yes, even kaito! :) knows all about Blender tools, actuators, nablas, 
> connectors and ocean of other Blender stuff which is constantly 
> changing, of course. This mean that we don't have trainers who knows all 
> about Blender. So, for a proper Blender Education there must be more 
> than one trainer. Trainers group also need additional coordinations and 
> that's why it's better to be physically together. Such Education can 
> organize Blender Organization (Orange).
> Second, Blender World is atm. multilingual group of self-educated users 
> around the globe who knows 'something' about Blender. Some of them will 
> sooner or later get opportunity to 'go pro' with the Blender. For some 
> of those people is Blender Official Certificate important because of 
> easier talk with other Official Organizations, especially if they get 
> opportunity for a Blender courses (like I did, here in Slovenija).
> Third, Blender Documentation is still as decentralized as Blender 
> Community itself. BlenderWiki is most likely most important 
> Documentation (heh, which is unfortunately mixed with Blender3D: on 
> WikiBooks, en:, de:, ... ).  I think that we can make with a 'simple' 
> on-line Certification program this situation better! Good example is 
> BSoD (hmm, but where can I find 'Stretch to Constraint' file example?).
> Because I couldn't get any Official Blender Certificate (yes macuno, I 
> would like to even pay for it!), I've made a example material for 
> getting Blender Basic Certificate (or whatever it will be called), with 
> a title 'ActionBook', but because I can't find any other Blender 
> Official person except Ton Roosendaal for proofreading (sorry, I'm not 
> an English native speaker), quality check and review of text and files 
> is this project on stale now (which I expected anyway :).
> So, Ton please pick some people for this task or delete my current 
> Blender Certification 'bug' from my head! :)
>    Igor
> ps. Btw, where can I find current Blender Organization Contact List? 
> User: Korc was ready and able to make 'compatible' Blender skin for 
> BlenderWiki, but I didn't know who to ask for access to MediaWiki system 
> files (yes, I didn't want to bother kaito for this & others didn't 
> respond, hmm or perhaps didn't find my message?).
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