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DHenton hentond at charter.net
Mon Sep 18 15:01:02 CEST 2006

The moodle website for blender has been up and running for about 2 
months, and 3-4 students have completed the course. Everything seemed to 
go smoothly, and I even got to troubleshoot video card problems.

I'm planning to add lessons and modules in the future, which will be my 
task for the BF-Educators list.

jason schluter wrote:
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>        BF-Education Board NEWS
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> News for BF-Educators' - Stuff That Educates
> Hello Again,I can feel the Wiki Momentum this week,
>   Two new Active Members
>   BF-E Feature Requests Updates
>   dhenton9000 ELearning Training Center
> Fweeb has done and excelent job of updateing the BF-E feature Requests section on the Wiki
>    Recordable Event History and Verse Server Controls.
> The Active Members Area of the Wiki has been updated.
> Hector has added a link for future BF-e structure information
> Dhenton9000 has added himself to the Active Members and His website  
> Bmud has added himself(and orginized the list abit too).
> Welcome Dhenton9000 and Bmud,
>   Please feel free to give and introduction to the Board,
> How would you like to contribute to Blender Education?
> Dhenton has added http://www.dhenton9000.com/elearningTo Bf-E/Training Centers.
>   If you would like to say a few words about your eLearning site Go ahead, Dhenton9000.
> Wiki Reminider
>    Remember to keep your Status Up-To-Date on the Wiki.
> Thankyou,
> Jasonlan
> P.S Yes, that was a Slashdot joke
> P.P.S My Emails formatting Error has been fixed.
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