[Bf-education] Re: Bf-education Digest, Vol 18, Issue 6

V Yap renderfun at gmail.com
Sat Sep 9 16:11:28 CEST 2006

Hi LetterRip:

You might be surprised, scripting won't be missed, at least not yet.
I think I can safely say this (somebody please tell me I am very
wrong), in Malaysia and maybe even most Asian countries, 2D/3D
software users rarely script or script only if their life depends on
it.  They take off the shelves software and use it as is.  The studio
I am working with wanted to use Renderman renderer, but the thought of
the difficulty and the need to employ shaders programmer in Malaysia
just simply turned them off and we are staying put with whatever
renderer the software offers.

I know about Jashaka's instabilities and so it is not recommended to
be used in the studio I am working with.  Right now, the compositing
guys are looking at how Blender stacks up to Combustion and After
Effects.  Since these guys don't script, they will just be comparing
Blender's out-of-the-box compositing features and usage vs the other
software.  Presently, they are still getting use to the interface.

Victor Yap.

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