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V Yap renderfun at gmail.com
Wed Sep 6 03:43:37 CEST 2006


Thanks for tip.  Do you know of any tutorials of the blender's fluid
system?  I have never touched the fluid system before and have googled
around for tutorials but limited resources came up.  So far the best
had been the Siggraph 2006 demo.

The fluid system would involve a couple of animated characters moving
in and out of liquids. They are convinced of blender capabilities but
putting it into Maya pipleline might be a bit tricky/cumbersome and I
am trying to ease it in on the team.

Many Thanks,
Victor Yap.

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> Victor,
> typical method is to run the fluid simulation and then export it as a
> series of obj frames.  What sort of objects is it going to be
> interacting with - ie simple geometry, or armature deformed geometry
> or something else?  The more complex the integration the more of it
> will need to originate/redone in Blender.  While Collada support in
> Blender is improving (it supports geometry, materials, armature, skin
> weights), it doesn't support shape keys and some other animation stuff
> yet.  There is also pointshop3d import support for Blender now, but no
> export support.
> LetterRip

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