[Bf-education] reporting....

hector hector at surteratec.com
Mon Sep 4 16:44:35 CEST 2006

Hello people......

Jasonlan, congrats...that is a good writing for the  BF-e  news....

Status report, the structure it is about to change any time soon, as 
long as goals & tasks section it refers, as it has  been probed not 
practical for adding deadlines and it is complex in general. Also as a 
result from last meeting a new section would be created for current 
projects and their description and status.

A little note about the Archive section. There is a table with the 
current  goals, it is there to track the progress of the bfe, therefore 
after completing a goal (or a project) please report it here, it would 
be useful when analyzing what has been accomplished this year.

DHenton:  To become an active member just add yourself to the "Active 
members" list at the bfe wiki


About the training, please add it to the training centers list


that way, if a person or entity comes looking for blender training, 
could find it quick over there.

Fweeb:   i just read your lines in the mailing list :)  

"status on them. I believe Hhec said he'd work on adding that duringthe 
BFE meeting last week. Any progress on this?"
  Already answered at the beginning of this email...

Btw, i'll be visiting DC on December, if there is any workshop that i 
can give you a hand with for those days drope me some lines over 
here.... (i have experience teaching full hours and workshops)

Rui, hello back.... :)   those are good news indeed.
"I already scheduled a Bf-Education Meeting and hopefuly Ton will be 
there too"


That's all from here.......
Good luck everybody.


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