[Bf-education] Back !!!

Rui Campos rcampos at fusemail.com
Mon Sep 4 13:09:05 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I'm now a married man and with a lot more expenses at my back, hehe.
I've just moved to my new home and am still waiting for my Internet
connection to become "alive", once it does I will be able to start doing
stuff again.

Right now I need to prepare things for the Blender Conference in October
too, any members of this list that are able to make it, I already
scheduled a Bf-Education Meeting and hopefuly Ton will be there too. I'm
hoping that the Foundation can allocate some time and money for Education
the next year to come, specially for some big event on Education or
something similar, to give more insight at Blender (Ton, you reading this

I'm also working with Bel to have things rolling, hopefuly this next few
weeks we can have an update on things.

The Blender Professionals Portal is also keeping me busy and I also need
to prep things up for a presentation at the Blender Conference. The
Deadline for it to be online is January 1st and I don't want to miss it.

This is just an update on my status for people wondering where the hell I
was for the past months.

-- Rui --

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