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Luis Belerique luis.belerique at gmail.com
Sun Sep 3 23:04:12 CEST 2006

Hello everybody, it's Bel's weekly update on his projects :)

> How's your projects going?,
> Any changes in Status?

To remind everyone, now i'm scheduled to work on three different projects:
Buid Workshop Standards, Build Course Standards, Build Basic Blender / 3D

I started working on the Basic Course of Blender (and that is related also
to Course Standards) this week, unfortunately i don't have much time due to
the fact that i'm going to have exams in two weeks. But, although the work
will be slowly, i can't stop because i need it ready until late October.

For references for creating this course, i'm using the Blender Wiki, the
Blender Summer of Documentation docs and a plethora of blender material,
like courses and some tutorials.

My biggest concern is that i'm inexperienced in teaching Blender, so i'll
try to update the wiki as soon as possible with my ideas (probably not until
later this week) and when this happens, i'll ask you to see it and give me

About the Course Standards, i think this is closely connected with the idea
of Certification Guidelines; anybody has any thoughts about these

About the Workshop Standards project, it will be on hold until i have the
other two projects more advanced, and luckily i've gained some more insight
in this matter.

So, my Status remains unchanged.

Best regards,

Luis Belerique
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