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Sun Sep 3 15:24:33 CEST 2006

                     BF-Education NEWS
Hello BF-Educators'
Well It's Sunday, 
and that means all active members time to Check-in.
How's your projects going?, 
Any changes in Status?
Once a week Check-in emails are recommended for all active
BF-Education Members.
P.S. Remember to Update the Wiki.
So What's New?
I think all who attended the Aug 27th BFE Meeting at
#blendereducation had a productive time.
The wiki has been updated: 
For all those who couldn't attend, "Go check it out".

who is an active member of Bf-Education, and what are their projects. 
proposal for a certification program for blender courses 
Call for Workshops to the Blender Conference 2006 outdated 
Features list for Developers to work on 
Blender Summer of Documentation 
Fweeb and I (Jasonlan) were added to the BF-E Members list.
Fweeb has been given the Permanent task of "Feature List Administrator".
And I (Jasonlan) have been given the task of "keeping you all up-to-date with BF-E News."
Fweeb, If you'd like to give an Introduction of yourself, Please Do.
Well that will do for this weeks BF-E News,
REMEMBER to give us all a status update for your projects.
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