[Bf-education] BF Education Wiki

Chris Ward drpoo at drpooville.org
Sun Oct 15 21:57:27 CEST 2006

Afternoon everyone. Well, It has been a long while since i posted my 
request for feedback on the project i'm working on with Blender and 
Education, and i have received no response. I figure i must be going 
about getting feedback / starting dialogue in the wrong way.

So, i've taken some steps back and would like to officially join the BF 
Education group. I've registered on the Wiki and would like to start by 
editing my own user page. It seems that all the pages have been locked 
down. Can i get permission to edit this page please?

Thanks, and good luck with all the projects you guys are working on. I'm 
especially interested in certification and the community developed 
course materials. I'll be contributing resources myself soon.


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