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Roy Simmons roytheartist at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 15 16:01:55 CEST 2006

Hi All,

Responding to Jasons request for project info...

I am currently working on a DVD and CD rom set to take new users from 
knowing nothing about Blender, to a good 'grounding' in the subject. The 
early part is based on my earlier education products, Go Blender CD Roms. 
You can see details about these here .. www.brillsoft.com
They did quite well on e-bay. Yes it is a 'commercial' product, however I 
will be releasing some video tutorials on my website as well. Should 
complete the DVD towards the end of this month, release mid-way through 
November. I am very interested in becoming a qualified Blender instructor, 
so I look foreward to the future in this respect.

I will update when more is available.


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>                      BF-E NEWS
>Hello BF-Educators,
>There hasn't been much change in the Wiki this week,
>  HHec, Bel, Fweeb, mifune, rcas,
>How are your projects going?
>I have noticed a number of members who have've been
>updateing us with how they are:
>Assisting Blender to reache the same kind of industry popularity or 
>  as Maya, 3D Studio Max, Softimage XSI, and other major packages with your 
>Education efforts?
>    * Mal_CanDo
>    * Oxigen
>    * Spiderworm
>    * finder0
>    * Roy
>Please give us a little intro to your work.
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