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Luis Belerique luis.belerique at gmail.com
Sun Oct 15 14:44:56 CEST 2006

Hello Jason and fellow BF-Educators,

First i want to apologize for not updating my work to the wiki, it has been
somewhat difficult working on these projects last month.

Right now i am working on building the Basic 3D Course (and in the 3D Course
Standards at the same time), i am blocking out the overall structure of the
course and soon i expect to polish it; making screenshots, the page layout

My material is for now in Portuguese, because i'm going to give a Blender
Basic Course in Portugal, starting at the end of October.
This will be my first course (as an educator), so i expect it to be a "test"
to my course outline, so i'll try to get most feedback as possible from my
When my material is complete, i will update it to the wiki, firstly in
but i intend to translate it to English, of course.
To be honest, i think i will only start translating it after starting my
course, due to time constraints.

Anyway, there are lots of Blender Educators far more experienced than me,
and already gave me some input (i'm going to focus more on modelling and
animation on my course, for example), but i ask anyone that is interested in
helping out making the 3D Course, please contact me.

My other project (Building Workshop Standards), is stalled for now, will
start to work on it after finished fleshing out the 3D Course.

Well, that was my (long overdue) report.


Luís Belerique

On 10/15/06, jason schluter <write_2_jason at hotmail.com> wrote:
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>                      BF-E NEWS
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> Hello BF-Educators,
> There hasn't been much change in the Wiki this week,
> HHec, Bel, Fweeb, mifune, rcas,
> How are your projects going?
> I have noticed a number of members who have've been
> updateing us with how they are:
> Assisting Blender to reache the same kind of industry popularity or
> influence,
> as Maya, 3D Studio Max, Softimage XSI, and other major packages with your
> Education efforts?
>    * Mal_CanDo
>    * Oxigen
>    * Spiderworm
>    * finder0
>    * Roy
> Please give us a little intro to your work.
> Thankyou,
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